Dog Ownership Equals Health Benefits

Dog Health Benefits

Everyone loves puppies. They are cute and energetic, and generally brighten up the room. However, what you may not be aware of is that there are actual health benefits to owning a puppy/dog. Every dog requires a walk and physical activity, like playing fetch. By walking your dog and regularly playing with it, you are forced to engage in more physical activity and spend more time outdoors, two healthy activities that are sorely missing as the world continues to move to more introverted and digitally occupied lifestyle practices. With all of this extra activity, playing with your pets will help to decrease the risk of cardiovascular problems. The more you exercise, the less prone you are to suffering a heart attack and other cardiovascular diseases.

In addition to the physical health benefits, owning a dog also helps maintain a healthy mental state. Dogs are used for individuals to help manage stress. Veterans managing PTSD and anxious children are two of the groups who experience less stress when in the company of a dog. The energy and positive attitude of the pet will translate over to the owner, allowing them to focus less on the elements of their lives that cause stress. Owning a dog also helps to promote social interaction. If you are walking your dog, or playing with it at the beach or dog park, you are more likely to engage in small talk with other dog owners, or people stopping by to admire the cuteness of your pet.


For more information on the positive heath benefits of owning a puppy/dog, please visit the link below:

Credit The Chopra Center


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